by Fondue

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released April 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Fondue Omaha, Nebraska

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Track Name: Marti-Gras
Scotty Griffin
I told these hoes I'm Scotty Griffin


My moma found out that im trappin
(that I'm trappin)
My Chick want a cut so now so she snapping
Told her let me bust it open and let me in
& If she up for it tell her bring a friend


All my people off the shits like its marti gras
Snort a line take a hit like its marti gras
Smash a broad and speak french like it marti gras
Get piffed and drank a fifth like its marti gras

(Verse )
Fuck a cop, fuck an op, fuck a thot
Run up on him tell him give me what cha got
I dont care if they blocc is hot
We want tax if you trapping in our spot
Rough draft work like im working on a plot
Gotta keep them tools like we workin on a yacht
Im only goina hit u if i know u got a knot
Gotta keep them barz like im working on a drop
If people talkin crazy hittem in da jaw
Said they moving keys but they never seen raw
Think im fronting on the things i saw
Call up my amigo "chrup chrup" phone call
Trick off a band errr time im in da mall
He dont wanna bang brah, he tryin stall
Throw up them hands if u really wanna brawl
Knock his ass out then hit em wit a sprawl
Ill french quarter. A nigga make his ass sing jazz
Cock the 45 have him laying on his ass
I had to hit the black while i shine with my golds
I aint no saint but best believe ill never fold
Sip codiene i got sticky gums
Finger fuck got stinky thumbs
she got that wet that'll get me sprung
Tell her fall back then i hit her with the tounge

Scotty Griffin
I told these hoes I'm Scotty Griffin
Rollin off these hits
its Marti Gras
And im off the shits
and its marti gras

Track Name: Marley
Smoking that marley

we got em like

Im trippin on cloud nine best believe im hella fly
Rollin blunts in my car best belive im getting high
I was looking for a turnt up so i gave that lean a try
I got turnt Up at my job and spilled codeine all on my tie
On the calirado hills
in the Calirado mountains
Tmb the trap ybr we money counting
Match one match two
My shit purple and it's blue
Stars and straps are coming thru
And any problems they'll come for you
Smoking on that mother loving marley
Females like a turn up and a party
They running trains and tracks and running trollys
Give her that dick she feeling jolly
Tell his baby moma she can call me
Hustle, get it, grinding do it always
Hit it from the back she moaning fontay
Drink like im from texas pass the bombay


smoking on Jamaican (jamaican)
We got em like
Smoking on that Marley
(smoking on that)

Verse 2:
If theres purple in the room best believe Its getting burnt
If you see me with a bottle best believe im getting turnt
I be cheifing in my city matchin celebs in my town
Yall smoke it by the gram but i can burn it by the pound
people are faulty, they change like the weather
Money is a temp high but i wanna be high forever
Zig zags or swisher sweets
got that candy trick or tweet
got that flame i keep that heat
got that bread i keep that wheat
Smoking on that ML reefer
She hungry for that D feed her
After i have my fun Ima Leave her
Cuz your boy is on now i don't Need her
People know fondue dont play play
Ops talking stupid must be crazy
Scare his whole squad with the A K
Burner hit his dome make him nay nay

Track Name: I'm Gucci
Scotty Griffin

F These People
I'm Gucci x4

Verse 1:
They call me scotty griffin northside hustler
I can take his baby moms and turn her fam into my customers
Slumpin in my Chevy riding slow pouring 4's
Strapin up my turfs cuz we knocking down doors
Im rollin so hard i don't need tires
But without tires im still burning rubbers
In the sheets or in the covers
C section when a nigga cut here
Spread her out like melted butter
Kick her off I had to punt her
Head game so good (so good)
Thanked her dad and
high fived her mother
Rip pimp c
Maine we stay severing up fiends
I started ybr now we underground king
I had to do it one time for all the shawtys trying to chill
I layed this verse down 3xxx
Cuz i'm rolling off a pill


Verse 2:
They call me scotty griffin.. its Fondue baby
I might go ahead and smash ya.. but you aint my lady
driving Spanish girls crazy call me el loco
Im fresh too death watch your step in that Levi and polo
Riding solo is a nono
Better go get the 44
I got kicks like a dojo
I keep licks a broke hoe
got cake you know we cashing out
got that oil lets hash it out.
got your chick she passing out
Hit her with a cradle she tapping out
Like a sin to begin
While she's turnt way off this gin
In that coop like we trap with hens
Wiping my ish like im in a benz
Rather cop a beamer or that lexus
Like ish slow like im from texus
Calirado young black and reckless
Beef with us ill leave you headless

Track Name: Watch Ya Chick


Her, her friends and the chicks
Me my niggas and my clique
Beef with the squad and get hit
Better watch your girl before she get picked

Watch ya bitch
Before she get Flipped

Verse 1:
Smoking calirado
Riding around deep in my tahoe
I hope his baby moma like to swallow
Ill fuck her and duck her he can have back tomorrow
Aye shes real great with sloppy toppy
Make an opp go crazy when his girl wanna top me
See me with his broad now that nigga wanna pop me
Im the real mccoy yall niggas photocopys
Ima young nigga gettin it
You a broke nigga bro you ain't even getting shit
Nigga whats craccin
My team never lacking
Big time loud packin... no small sacking


Verse 2:
Im riding with the slump you can hear it knocking
See me in the club have the place rocking
Beefin with the squad we going be boxing
No one taking L's that shit aint a option
She got you playing games but im playing with her mouth
Couple more minutes your boy can turn her out
You want proof of what im on ill make i take pictures
I dont need no pills i just need a couple swishers
Im gone off hard liquor
My goons they bust triggers
My bullets will murk niggas
Ybr we all hitters
These broads they all sippers
That drank killed they livers
They twerk we all tippers
She go we all in her

Track Name: Pistol Whipped
I told these niggas they wasnt ready for that shit brah... It's YBR

Verse 1:
Im Your big homies, big homie
Caught a body in the summer couldn't pin it on me
These niggas snitching these niggas telling Maine these niggas phony
If these niggas really on it then my niggas doming
These op niggas like some bitches Man these bitches hoeing
Loud pack what im blownin Man my shit be potent
I be riding with some ghost like im from east Oakland
If i clutch my pistol sometimes i cant control it
Its like when im getting money man i want it all
And if i aint getting money then i get withdrawals
Sometimes i just wanna ball till i fucking fall
But every time i hit the mall the traps call
You cant see me nigga like your vison is a blurr
My lyrics is like my dope gotta keep it pure
If a nigga talking crazy..... let em trip
Cuz im in love with my burner call me pistol whipped

AYE (aye,aye)
Call me Pistol Whipped x3
Im in love with my burner call me pistol whipped
AYE (aye,aye)
Call me Pistol Whipped x3
Im in love with my burner call me pistol whipped

Verse 2:

Im in love with the woo
Put it on the stove and watch me do what it do
I can show yall niggas how to make a one to a two
Ima YBR nigga maine I live for the juuu
Ill bring the beef straight to his momas house
Throw them hands up or bring them choppas out
Op talkin crazy like he going to shoot or something.
My thots got glocks but i need me a ruger woman
Got that ammo
We like rambos
Jack people and rob people we some vandals
Niggas out here flip flop like some sandals
Run up on a nigga all black like a sambo
Bad Bitches wanna see me when they feeling freaky
Some of them I knock off daily other hoes are weekly
Break bread feed the needy never feeling greedy
Give an op the hee bee jee bees every time he see me

Track Name: What Chu Mean (WCM)
My ambitions as a hustla

Verse 1:

When i was younger i had a dollar and a dream
I bought a half zip turned these dollars into dreams
Love the bud game but white game got the green
If the stash runnin low
Serve up woo to the fiends
We went from servin to school kids to servin j's
went from toatting duecies to toating k's
We hittin L's if we gotta pop shells
Stay on my p's and q's cuz them o'z move well
only cop if it's for my price
If she on the powder she'll fuck all night
I tried whipping rocks but i rather rock ice
Cuz Them fiends stay up and the woo rocks nice
(so what chu saying maine)

250 for a zip.... wcm
Folk fakin with my chips...wcm
These ain't bands on my hip...wcm
This shotty aint got a grip...wcm

Ybr aint the plug.... wcm
That aint lean in my cup....wcm
Shawty aint dtf .... wcm
These broads out here getting cuffed...wcm

Verse #2

So what chu saying maine?
Is there a problem?
But bro he the plug
Well fuck it lets go and rob him
Had to leave momas house
Ol girl had a bando
Cliqued up with the homies now we all up on the plan bro
Your big homie big homie im a parent to the block
Making all these woo babies im a parent to the rock
out here Dumpin and slumpin On my hood ima gunner
The way I Jug and finnesse on my hood ima runner
Ybr the plug you already know
If he's an op then you know he gotta go
I hit my peoples & i get it for the low
But im reckless thoe so i had to juu him bro
The way she swallow would've thought the Thot was single (goin in)
But you would've thought she dated my dick the way they mingled
(U know)
if theres doo dey in the blunt you know ima lite it up
If theres codeine round me you know i gotta sprite it up

250 for a zip.... wcm
Folk fakin with my chips...wcm
These ain't bands on my hip...wcm
This shotty aint got a grip...wcm

Ybr aint the plug.... wcm
That aint lean in my cup....wcm
Shawty aint dtf .... wcm
These broads out here getting cuffed...wcm

Verse #3
Some of my work stepped on but youll feel no steps from me
Workin in the kitchen but you'll find no recipes
Hell yeah we taxing brah ain't no shit for free
If u is an op u cant cop no work from me (Damn)
Dome any op u see
U never get shit from me
No guns, no pills, no weed
Ill make your family bleeds
Fondue knows people and his people has peers
One phone call and ill send the all clear
Ol dude tried to re up
he made me pissed
First he was a customer
Now his he's a lick
The streets is a bitch
And i still fuck with her
She also hella cold but im used to the winter
People know im wild for many many reasons
Fuck her and duck her I did it for convience
Count my money back wards I get it into Senqunce
Run up on a op we some juvenile Delequces


250 for a zip.... wcm
Folk fakin with my chips...wcm
These ain't bands on my hip...wcm
This shotty aint got a grip...wcm

Ybr aint the plug.... wcm
That aint lean in my cup....wcm
Shawty aint dtf .... wcm
These broads out here getting cuffed...wcm

Detour to Cali-Rado (Cali-Rado)
Take a Detour to Cali-Rado